Powerful and simple Discord client mod

Enhance your Discord experience with new features and looks. Make your Discord truly yours.

Zero-compromise experience

Replugged has everything you need to enhance your Discord client, without compromising on performance or security.


Add new features to your Discord client, or enhance already existing ones by extending them. You can even write your own plugins!


Give your Discord client a fresh new look, that matches your taste. You're no longer limited by what Discord gave you, only imagination!


Plugins and themes are fully customizable, through easy-to-use interfaces, allowing you to turn your Discord client into what you want, whatever that is. Unnecessary feature? Disable it. Don't like the color? Change it.


Replugged is designed to consume as little resources as possible, and provides to plugin developers powerful tools to build efficient and robust plugins.

Note that Replugged still runs on top of the official client, and can't magically make it lighter. We just do our best to not consume even more resources.

Feels like home

We try to integrate as smoothly as possible within Discord's design language. Every modded element feels like it always has been there. You'll almost forget you're running a modded client!

Make your Discord spicer

Stop limiting yourself to what Discord gives you. Get Replugged!